How to Clean Wool Carpet with Household Items

Wool carpet is a beautiful and wise piece of home decor that is magnificent, sustainable and lasts long if taken proper care of by the occupants. Taking care denotes being cautious around it, not staining it and saving it from external pollutants, and most importantly cleaning it with the proper technique and methods.

Even though you believe in vacuuming regularly, your wool carpet may need special attention more than just vacuuming.

Let us consider all the cleaning requirements your wool carpet may have and address some of the issues you may have regarding the upkeep of your wool carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Solution

How Often Should You Clean a Wool Carpet

A wool carpet is a delicate and more sustainable choice. So regularly cleaning it is good for your health and its long life. You should not do it less and should not overdo it. Keeping the frequency of cleaning carpets twice a month is a great way out. But if you have old stains and to remove old stains from wool carpet you should schedule a cleaning regime at regular intervals that can help fade away the stains more quickly.

Also, if you have kids, pets and more vulnerable circumstances on your premises that can make your wool carpets more dirty than usual, try at least vacuuming it bi-weekly, and for a better regime of cleaning carpets, call professionals.

Instructions for Wool Carpet Cleaning

Wool carpet cleaning requires one to be well-prepared with their technique and methods.

Apart from vacuuming regularly, there are many ways that you can adopt to give the

Cleaning carpets regime a professional touch.

  • Vacuum The Wool Carpet Regularly

For the best upkeep of a wool carpet, vacuuming regularly its fibres and deep cleaning it on both sides works well. By vacuuming, the loose dirt and dust particles get eliminated quickly, and it also ensures a regular clean-up of your wool carpet required from time to time.

  • Beat The Wool Carpet

Beating the wool carpet with a fabric beater is suitable to eliminate the deeply accumulated dirt particles. The beating helps loosen the deeply sat dirt particles that are hard for any tool to eliminate. The dirt quickly gets out with a beater after getting loose.

  • Shake The Dirt Off

Vacuuming regularly your wool carpet will help it get accustomed to being dirt-free. The dust particles accumulate on the top by sweeping, and you can quickly shake off those from the carpet.

  • Use Vinegar And Baking Soda

The most useful household item to clean a wool carpet is vinegar. You can add baking soda and create a mixture that works on stains and dust. Put the mixture on the wool carpet and let it settle for a while. After some time, you can clean the same and make your wool carpet look fresh and clean

  • Use A Soft Bristle Brush Cleaning Technique

Using a soft-bristle brush is also a good idea on your wool carpet. The carpet fabric is delicate, and moving a soft-bristle brush on the flow of the fibres will make the dirt go down along the stroke and leave the carpet looking clean.

  • Use Blotting Paper And Towels On Wet Stains

When there are fresh and wet stains on your wool carpet, use a dry blotting paper of a towel to soak all the stains, and then you can work on the cleaning process with a mild detergent and water on the stains

  • Use Water, Detergent And White Vinegar Solution

You can also use water and detergent to clean the wool carpet and white vinegar to clean off the stains. Rubbing alcohol or white vinegar helps get the stains out of the carpet quickly.

  • Steam Cleaning With Caution

Expert cleaning carpets services advise not to steam a wool carpet unless you know the technique well. As carpet steam cleaning can leave the carpet damp and more dirty, if at all on any stain you require steam cleaning, do it under professional supervision.

  • Powder Cleaning

Using dry powders to clean the wool carpet does well on the fabric. The dry powder can soak the oil and other dirt and quickly shake it off to clean the carpet.

  • Rotate And Reshift

You can rotate and re-shift the wool carpet to give it less exposure to dirt and dust and clean it effectively. Also, repositioning the carpet from time to time help in giving it a better clean up

  • Clean The Stains With More Effort

Even though you believe in vacuuming regularly, a wool carpet needs a better method to clean the stains. Using mild detergents, soap, and eco-friendly solutions works best on stains.

  • Do Not Wet The Wool Carpet

Remember to keep your wool carpet dry. A damp carpet is susceptible to mildew formation. Dry the carpet after washing it clean.

  • Deodorise The Wool Carpet After Clean Up

Remember to deodorise the carpet after cleaning and drying to give it a fresh aroma that adds to its cleaning process.

  • Sanitise The Wool Carpet

Sanitising the wool carpet is the best last step you should go for. It ensures no germs, bacteria or allergens.

  • Call Professionals

If all seems to be futile, do not panic. Call professionals. Professionals are there to help you with any cleaning requirement for your wool carpet.

So clean your wool carpet in the best way it deserves.

Can You Steam Clean Wool Carpet?

For many reasons, it is not a very popular thought- steam cleaning a wool carpet.

The most prominent is that wool carpets tend to get wet with steam. Further, the wet conditions in the carpets can make the dirt and dust more unmanageable with time.

If, after steam cleaning, a wool carpet does not dry properly, the dust and soil accumulated deep inside its fabric will get mould and mildew.

Also, the damp dust will further make the wool carpet dirtier.

Genuinely, mold is growing due to house carpet humidity in the indoor environment. So, it is not fair to share your carpet with mold and spores. When we consider the molded carpetpeople used various dissonant chemicals of borax, bleach, and banish. Rather than, it is right to treat them and kill them with organic ingredients to prevent carpet damages and your family health. So, you need to know the ways on, how to eliminate mold from the carpet: which would be provided by professional carpet cleaning services in dandenong.

Here are five ways:

  • White vinegar

White vinegar is one of the most special treatment ingredients for ridding the mold from the carpet. To reduce the strong smell of white vinegar, dilute it into the water initially. Filled the vinegar in the spray bottle and sprayed on the unpleasant area. Allow it for several hours, and then scrub with a brush gently. In the case when the vinegar smells troubles you, you can add some essential oils. Probably, the smells will disappear when the work is moving forward. 

  • Carpet cleaning solution with tea tree oil

These organic ingredients have enough potential for mold elimination from the carpet, and it is costly too. But, it required only a minimum of two tablespoons to be sufficient for the treatment. Add two spoons of tree oil to two cups of mineral water and mix them well. Spray this solution on the offending spots without rinsing them. These have a potent scent too, but they will break up in the days.

  • Cleaning solutions with citrus seed

This liquid has the benefit of having no strong scent, just like the vinegar and the tree oil. Squeeze twenty drops of the citrus and mix them into two cups of water and mix them gently. Fill in the spray bottle and transfer to the spot, and don’t rinse off the same as the above.

  • Solutions of hydrogen peroxide

Take three percent of hydrogen peroxide solution and mix them onto white vinegar (four spoons), mix them perfectly and keep them in a cold place. When it is ready, spray upon the area and keep it up to ten minutes and blot with a towel.

  • Best solution with Baking soda

Baking soda will be working whether you worked with the white vinegar yet alone. We recommend you to mix with the water well and spray on the surface of the mold. Allow it for a while, then blot with a cloth and clean it away.

The benefits of these are: 

  1. It is disinfectant
  2. It will not produce a strong scent.

So, with the above referrals, you can clean your displeasure mold from the carpet. Rather than, you can hire professional carpet cleaning services for the best results. 


Professional carpet cleaning services can provide you with the most excellent carpet cleaners for eliminating mold. They would say that hiring professional carpet cleaning services will be a precious thing for your carpet.They can keep your carpet extremely potent for the last longer by the transformation.